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Let’s face it. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses function. More and more businesses are realizing how many jobs can be done well remotely. More remote work means more and more people will be working from home not just for the next few months, but possibly for the long term. If what you thought was a temporary work-from-home gig is turning into a permanent situation, you may be wondering how on Earth you can make that work in your current living space. Apartment office ideas are a dime a dozen, but you certainly need more than a few organizers and filing cabinets. Here are a few apartment amenities you can find at The Station at Manayunk to help you settle into not just a great new home, but a great new work-from-home lifestyle.

Open-concept floor plans

The beauty of working from home is, of course, the fact that you’re at home. Your laptop or tablet can go anywhere you go. If you have an online meeting to attend, it’s pretty easy to pick an attractive wall to sit in front of, and suddenly it looks like you have a cool office space. If you need a change of scenery every hour or so, just pick up your stuff and move? Need to keep an eye on something in the kitchen, but need to quickly check a few emails? No problem. That’s what the open concept floor plan is all about.

2-bedroom units

If you’re prone to clutter, and simply don’t see yourself able to adequately separate work and home, you may want to consider giving yourself a dedicated space with four walls. Some people simply work best that way. Renting an apartment with an extra bedroom is the perfect way to keep your work life and home life separate. Got papers strewn about? No problem. Simply close your new office door and resume work after your break, right where you left off. Even if you don’t need tons of space, nestle a desk and some framed artwork in the corner and decorate the other half of the room with a guest bed and side table. This 2-in-1 idea gives you a suitable and quiet place for a Zoom meeting but also allows you the option to have a guest over – when that becomes a thing again, of course.

Resident Lounge

Love the idea of a dedicated office space, but aren’t keen on the idea of renting an extra bedroom? The resident lounge is perfect. It helps you discipline yourself by offering a workspace that’s technically outside of your apartment, but still right there at home. Grab a cup of coffee, your laptop, and whatever else you need, and set up your workstation in the lounge for a few hours of solid focus and productivity.

Fitness center

Offices that offer fitness plans are pretty great, and it’s even better when there is one right on the premises. However, that’s pretty rare, unless the business you work for (as well as the building) is quite large. A fitness center is probably the biggest unsung hero among apartment office ideas. Whether you prefer to go before work, on a lunch break, or after work, hop on over to the fitness center for a rejuvenating workout. Even if you keep non-traditional hours, it’s not an issue at The Station at Manayunk. Our fitness center is open 24 hours a day.

Even as businesses open back up, working from home still seems like the wave of the future. If apartment office ideas are kicking around your brain, consider the Station at Manayunk to make those visions come to life. Contact our leasing office today to set up a virtual tour!

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